Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to fix "Android Fix: Eclipse is loading framework information and the layout library from the SDK folder. main.xml will refresh automatically once the process is finished."

I started seeing this error after I installed additional SDK versions. I tried the following:
  • Create a new workspace as suggested in this form post. This didn't make any difference.
  • Looked if I had any older versions of SDK jar files as outlines in this blog post. It appeared that I didn't have any older jar files installed.
  • On a layout designer page, change the Android version used for rendering the layout (see top right corner of the designer window). That didn't help either.
  • Reinstall SDK as suggested here. That actually worked, except that I had to do it slightly differently.
To recap, reinstalling SDK solved the problem for me. BTW, I'm on Android SDK version 4.2.2 and I'm using Eclipse IDE. Here is how to reinstall SDK in Eclipse:
  • open Android SDK Manager. There is an icon in toolbar if you have Java perspective open.
  • Close Eclipse (not sure is this is needed, but that's what I did)
  • Check "SDK Platform" from the latest installed SDK (Android 4.2.2 in my case). 
  • Click "Delete packages". Wait for it to finish,
  • Check "SDK Platform" and all other items that were uninstalled in the previous step.
  • Click Install packages.
  • Start Eclipse.
Good luck!


  1. THANK YOU. Finally found a blog post that knew what they were talking about.

  2. SDK platform is the only one that you need to use the specific API function...how can everythings still work?!?!